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Specialty Coffee?

There are many variables that need to come together in order to create a great cup of coffee.

There are variables that nature provides for us, such as altitude, cold misty rain, cool nights, and abundant sunshine.

The rest, we work hard to provide, such as selecting our coffee varieties, quality plant food, pruning, shade management, a selective harvest, dedicated wet milling, and careful drying.

Everything adds up to produce great flavor, shelf life, and quality in coffee.  We are set on taking advantage of the great environment and conditions to produce the best coffee this land can offer…. it is only through all this attention to detail that we can offer specialty coffee that we can be proud of.

Our Story

Love for the mountain and passion for coffee

When my father was writing down his will, I wonder if he somehow knew that I would inherit something that he could not put on paper:
his love for the mountain. 

Our coffee story begins with a passion for Guatemala’s best kept secret:
Sierra de las Minas. As life events shaped us long before knowing we would be trying to grow the best possible cup of coffee,
today we are a husband and wife team with completely different backgrounds, doing what we love. 

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Our Environment

This is where we are working to produce great coffee

The place where we grow coffee is part of our recipe. Our little farm is located next to a large private natural reserve in Sierra de las Minas that we own and protect. The virgin forest collects water for us and many other farmers in the area...

Wholesale Orders

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Small minimum orders

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Door to door

On small orders, we can ship door to door via FedEx

Customized process

Being a small farm allows us to experiment and work with roasters to create special processes

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