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Warm Your Mug

Today is one of those mountain days when rain drizzles and the clouds come down and hover over the treetops and dip into the valleys, it is a sight. But the weather is cool, and a cup of coffee makes the visual experience that much better.

So, we got a little time on our hands, and we´re not rushing to just make some coffee, drink it, and run.

What  we like to do here is to heat up some extra water, when the French Press is all ready to go, we usually wait four minutes to let the coffee brew. With the extra water we heated up pour it in our cups.

This does several things: it warms the cup up so that when we pour our coffee into it, our coffee is not robbed of any heat; Second, we believe it cleanses our cup from and past smells, like dish soap or a past brew.

Finally, and most importantly, it warms our hands when we sit on the swing observe the clouds dance across the horizon.


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